Professional legal advice in order to protect your rights, freedoms and interests is one of the factors of proper administration of justice, enforcement of litigation’s adversarial features and the equality of parties’ rights.

We cannot offer prospects of the delivery of the judgements in favour of your interests, we could only make it possible realizing concrete work for you.

Relevant experience, open communication, strict confidentiality, individual approach, powerful information-analysis resources, functional contact with specialist experts provide an opportunity to solve your problems in the unique way.

We differ from large law firms by not printing cases. Instead of that we are aimed at your success in that fields where we have advantages.

Present cases in arbitrazh courts (commercial disputes court – dealing with economic and other business disputes), courts of appeal, courts of cassation (high instance courts that exist in some judicial systems; appellate courts of the highest instance), supervisory-instance courts, courts of general jurisdiction. We deal with civil and arbitration litigations.

Legal advice is related to conduct of business and other type of business authorized. We also take actions on the following issues:

  • Protection against unproven pursuit because of economic and other business activity;
  • Challenging of non-normative act, decisions and actions (inaction) of public authorities, local self-government authorities, other authorities and organization vested by federal law with certain government or other public authorities’ powers, public officials;
  • Tax law
  • Antitrust legislation and competition
  • Protection against unproven complaints (letters before action), suits, abuses of rights;
  • Results of intellectual activity and means of individualization (firm names, trademarks and service marks, names of places of goods’ origin, commercial designations) exclusive rights (Intellectual property rights)
  • Protection of business reputation

Private security companies’ enterprise (all aspects) is also our professional field.

Legal support of holding presentations, discussions, publications in Mass Media, public speeches. Advisory work with PR experts in the matter of their professional activity.

We do not specialize on criminal proceedings, however if necessary we could hire qualified defense counsel.

Any resort means strict confidentiality and information privacy including the fact of your resort to us.

We work on your task.

Every case is unique that is why we commit ourselves to treat your resort with due attention therefore work evaluation (fee) could not be rated beforehand. We do not print our services.

Execution of tasks should be advanced. If task consists of several stages or next stage appears operationally each stage should be advanced. All additional charges (reasonable charges) will be first agreed with you, therefore you will not overshoot your budget or economic efficiency of task.

We would never offer you what is prohibited by law.